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African Child Development Resource Library


Since 1998, NdCAD has worked with community members to build a unique collection of African and African American literature. These resources are vital to support the healthy development of our children and the adults in their lives.
It is important that children see themselves in the books they read.


Because our children are mirrors of the adults in our community village, we must all read about the contributions of our people and how we have persevered in the face of pain and struggle. There is power in our stories. Black books matter for building self-confidence, self-esteem and forming healthy cultural identity.


In the words of Ancestor Frederick Douglas, “Once you learn to read, you will forever be free.”

The goal of our resource library is to promote freedom, liberation and self-determination. This means we must celebrate the rich and enduring legacy of literacy, among African decent people.

…Engaging “the larger question of literacy for what?”

Literacy is for seeing, knowing and being fully human in the world

Literacy is for liberation

Literacy is for self-determination

Literacy is for the reclaiming of indigenous knowledges


Gloria Ladson-Billings (2017)


Our Collections

Children and Youth Lending Library

To build intrinsic learning motivation, our collection includes a wide genre of African-centered and African-themed children's books, videos and learning materials. The collection includes a variety of leveled texts that not only appeal to children's interests, but also evokes curiosity and instills a love of reading.

Parents and Educators Lending Library

Each one reach one, each one teach one! Whether you are a parent, professional educator or a community educator, our collection includes books and materials that help adult community villagers awaken the natural genius in our children. It includes important books and materials written by African and African American scholars, that can be used to teach and learn about past and current contributions that African descent people have given to the world.

The McDonald Family Reference Library

Building a Legacy of Literacy - Our reference library is an exciting collection of books, periodicals and learning materials that have been donated by Elders in our beloved community. The collection was initiated with a special donation from Ancestor Kwame McDonald. Prior to his transition to Ancestorhood, he expressed his desire to share his love for African literature with others in the community, both young and old.


We are forever grateful for Ancestor Kwame’s benevolence and contribution to the enduring legacy of literacy in our community. His initial donation of books, from his personal library, inspired other community Elders to contribute African-centered books from their own personal collections. The collection has been used by scholars of all ages to advance their academic pursuits. Schedule an appointment to experience this unique collection of African-centered resources. Be sure to watch the video and hear Elders talk about their contributions to the McDonald Family Reference Library.

How to access our African Child Development Resource Library*
Please call us at
651-209-3355 to schedule an appointment


*Due to Covid-19, access to the Resource Library has been suspended until further notice.

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