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Professional Development Training for Teachers, Youth Workers and Early Childhood Educators

Think Different, Do Different!


Professional development training services

  • Professional development training workshops

  • Networking and peer-learning opportunities

  • Site-based consulting services


NdCAD’s professional development training services, called Think Different—Do Different, are designed to help educators and program providers expand their thinking on how they work with diverse children and families. Using culture-centered and experiential learning approaches, training participants gain transformative insights for integrating culturally-responsive approaches, practices, and curricula into their learning environments.


The purpose is to strengthen the connections between home, school and community by sharing our lessons learned and equipping educators and community organizations to THINK DIFFERENT and DO DIFFERENT.


Our goals

  • Improve education for children

  • Strengthen and stabilize families

  • Build cultural competencies


Our professional development services are uniquely crafted to allow us to share our best practices for reaching, teaching and engaging children, parents and community members. Through professional development, we share lessons we have learned from our culturally-based programs, working with our children and families.


Upon evaluating lessons learned from the past two decades, we have identified 7 Key Principles that cut across the organization's programs. Our professional development training services are based on these principles, which are instructive to those who aspire to adopt our approaches and best practices to meet the education, cultural and developmental needs of children and families. 


7 key principles

  • Literacy/Identity connections

  • Root issues

  • Action research

  • Value-driven approach

  • Parent and community engagement

  • Cultural learning space

  • Self-determination

Our approach

  • Culture-centered

  • Principle-driven

  • Experiential collaborative learning

  • Generative and improvement focused

Learn more 

To learn more, call Sam Ramos at 651-209-3355 or email

Organizations we've worked with:

  • Annie E. Casey

  • Aspen Institute

  • Fresh Tracks

  • Ramsey County Workforce Solutions 

  • Minnesota Department of Education

  • Minnesota Department of Human Services

  • Saint Paul Public Schools

  • University of Northern Iowa 

  • Northwest Suburban Integration School District

  • University of Minnesota

  • Northside Achievement Zone

  • Simpson Housing 

  • Living Word Church
    & World Outreach Ministries


Stories of Impact


It [the training] will definitely change how I interact and frame my approach towards relationships with students.

I love the practical,

useful information that
I could take with me and instantly put to use.


Even though I’m not a teacher I learned things
that we can use in our before/after childcare programs.

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