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“To equip and prepare our children for success in school and life, we cannot just work with children – we must simultaneously engage the whole family and community.”

- NdCAD Executive Director

“Parent Power” Literacy and Advocacy Workshops

Parent Power helps parents to help their children make critical connections between literacy and cultural identity, while improving reading skills and academic performance. Parents are children’s first, primary, and life-long teachers. Everything parents do at home to advance literacy has long-term effects. The most important thing a parent can do is engage in cultural education, for their children and themselves.


Program goal: To initiate a process of continuous engagement, helping parents help their children!


Parent Power is more than a program, it’s an experience! Parent-to-parent support networks are built as parents discover and reclaim their innate power to educate their children. Over the course of multiple interactive modules, parents gain usable information, knowledge and skills to exercise their power, at home and in partnership with schools. Parents gain a deep understanding of literacy traditions in the Black community, helping children develop a love of reading. And, they unite with other parents to advocate for our children and education change.


Engaging parents in cultural education and community building, for themselves and our children


Parent Power is a way out of:

  • Generational cycles of dependence

  • Business as usual

  • Having our children adversely affected by current schooling systems

Parent Power helps parents to:

  • Establish strong literacy and cultural foundations at home

  • Build and use social networks and cultural capital

  • Advocate for improved reading and school success of children

  • Take charge of their family’s economic, spiritual and intellectual self-determination

Register or enroll in the NdCAD Parent Power training program

To register and enroll in the NdCAD Parent Power training program, call 612.588.2244.

Parent Power Impact Story

Mother and son.png



For those that don’t know what Hotep means, it stands for “I greet you with peace!” See, at one point in my life I had no idea the word even existed. Until I came across Parent Power. I had a niece that attended Sankofa and I was so impressed by the growth and developments that I seen in her I just knew my son had to be a part of this program.


Not knowing about the Parent Power part. I thought my little sister was crazy for spending her summer doing this “reading program,” until my feet were placed on their grounds. When I finally decided to sign up, I was at a trying time in my life. And honestly, I had just signed up to get out of the programing I was already in. Signing up was one of the best things I could have ever did. I will never forget the first day I walked into NdCAD, I felt like I was at home! And it has been just that ever since! Parent Power was not just a place for me to learn how to teach my son how to read. It had become so much more! The love, encouragement, wisdom, and knowledge that they poured into me opened so many doors. Parent Power helped me build my confidence and discover that I have the power within myself to better advocate for my son and community.


And baby, I haven’t looked back since! Parent Power taught me how to be prepared during this pandemic. I have chosen to use the tools that I’ve learned through Parent Power and the knowledge that I have within myself to teach not just my son but close friends’ kids as well. To stand strong, reach out to the elder’s and help the community the best I can. Parent Power changed my life for the better for the ones that’s not apart I pray you allow them to do the same. And For the ones that’s already apart of the family welcome home!


Our Ancestors Wildest Dream,

Passion Thomas

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