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We Are a Place of Hope,
Healing, Inspiration and Community Connections.

We exist to strengthen cultural connections within
communities of African descent that promote, sustain and
enhance the healthy development of children.

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Deepen the relationship you have

with your children through our 

programs designed specifically for 

parents and children.


Learn how to educate children

of African descent through concepts,

resources and ideas.

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Join us as community partners

as we collaborate to build a
network of strong children and families together.

Free Children's Books!

The free children's book program connects parents and children through the power of literacy – helping children succeed in life by recognizing the importance of reading.

Teach and Learn with Your Children!

Network for the Development of Children of African Descent
(NdCAD) is pleased to present three family engagement and cultural learning activity kits that promote fun and learning in the home, while building curiosity and learning motivation for the whole family.

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